‘Perfect job for pensioners’: Retiree explains ‘fun way’ he makes £280 a day

Passive income: Expert on making money when you're not working

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David Poyser, 65, said he was looking for a change in career because he’s not ready to retire just yet. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk he disclosed how others could follow in his footsteps and earn up to £280 a day.

David says it could be the ideal opportunity for others who want to keep their body and mind active – and the money’s not bad either.

He said: “It’s a great job for people with an endless thirst for knowledge.

“I really enjoy working with other people – it’s nice to feel part of a fun gang!

“Tourists are normally unbelievably happy because they’re on holiday.

“It’s rewarding to play a part in making their holiday fun.”

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Despite loving his new career, David admits that the last two years have not been an easy ride.

However, he’s hoping that tourists will return to London this summer where he leads walks on ‘London’ writers: George Orwell and Charles Dickens.

David has been named one of Britain’s best tour guides but training can cost thousands of pounds.

If that obstacle can be overcome, it allows guides to choose part-time or full-time work with the summer period understandably busier than winter.

Meanwhile, it’s not just pensioners who are taking to the streets to share their knowledge.

Tour guiding is an appealing opportunity for lots of people and can be used to supplement income alongside something else.

It attracts all sorts of professions from actors to teachers.

For those who would prefer to work part time, the income is up to £150 a day.

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David has some useful tips for others keen to give tour guiding a try:

  • Get a mentor – He says he wouldn’t have succeeded without one
  • Use prompts – There’s a lot to remember but prompts can help
  • Do your research – More information can be found at the Institute of Tourist Guiding

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