Phil Spencer shares ‘most important questions’ to ask before choosing an estate agent

Property expert provides advice on finding estate agents

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TV property expert and founder of Move iQ Phil Spencer has shared his tips for choosing a good estate agent. Phil spoke to Liana Loporto Browne, the president of NAEA Propertymark. Propertymark is the leading membership body for property agents.

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Phil and Liana discussed what makes a good estate agent and how to identify a good one.

Liana said being a “qualified agent” is one of the “most important factors”.

“I think an agent that is going to go out there and actively look for a scheme that is going to regulate them.

“I’m just surprised consumers don’t ask, ‘are you qualified?’

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“But I think maybe that hasn’t been a subject of importance until now.

“It’s completely unfathomable that you can wake up one day and become an agent with absolutely no qualifications under your belt.

“So I think one of the most important questions that the public should be asking is, ‘how are you qualified? What makes you qualified to represent me on the biggest sale of the largest assets in my life?’”

Phil said he thinks the “real skill” of an estate agent is in the brokering of the deal.

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Most people think the viewings and the “opening of the door” is the most important aspect of an agent.

However, it’s what happens after that that determines the success of a transaction.

He said: “Can they broker the deal? Can they keep everybody together Can they keep everybody happy?

“Can they keep the lines of communication open? That is truly skilful and worth the fee in itself.”

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It’s a membership body and a redress scheme so members of Propertymark are qualified agents.

An estate agent is not required to have a licence in the UK.

Propertymark is a platform that means estate agents can gain a qualification and be able to practice at the highest level of integrity within the industry.

Agents that sign up to Propertymark are signing up to follow guidelines set by the scheme.

“They want to follow the strict guidelines to make sure that the consumer is getting the highest quality of service,” Liana said.

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