Pregnant mum desperate for council to end mouse nightmare

The pregnant woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, revealed her mental health has been severely affected by the ongoing problem.

According to the 29-year-old mother, her one-bedroom flat in Kitts Green, Birmingham is infested with mice droppings, causing her to feel physically ill. She regularly discovers excreta in her food cupboards and has been forced to discard clothing, blankets, and bedding for her unborn child due to contamination.

To make matters worse, her 12-year-old daughter experienced a horrifying incident when she woke up one night to find a mouse crawling over her body. Distraught and anxious, the mother reached out to Birmingham City Council for assistance.

She told BirminghamLive: “My mental health has deteriorated significantly. The infestation is making me physically sick. I have managed to catch at least 20 mice in traps.

“I find droppings in our food cupboards and they are scattered all over the floor. I am certain that there is currently a mouse living in my bathroom. The council sent pest control to inspect the flat, but I have only been scheduled for another visit. Waiting for help is not helpful at all. This issue needs to be resolved immediately.”

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With a six-month pregnancy and a 12-year-old daughter to care for, the mother had to discard new items for her baby due to the presence of mouse droppings. The incident where a mouse climbed over her sleeping daughter has left her traumatised.

Expressing her concerns, the mother fears that the council does not care enough about her distressing situation. In response, a spokesperson from Birmingham City Council expressed their apologies for the impact the infestation has had on the family.

The council spokesperson said: “A pest control contractor has inspected the property and will take measures to block the rodents’ access and bait them to eliminate the current infestation. They will also work with the tenant to establish an ongoing treatment plan to keep the property free from pests.”

The spokesperson also advised residents to report any pest problems they encounter at home through the official Birmingham City Council website. It is important to note that while the service for rat infestations is free, there is a charge for dealing with other pests, including mice.

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