Premium Bonds: NS&I reveals March 2020 jackpot winners – did you win £1million payout?

March is underway, and with today marking the first working day of the month, NS&I has revealed the winners of this month’s Premium Bonds prize draw. In March 2020, 3,516,240 prizes worth £100,505,875 will be paid out.


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Among the winners are two people who have been selected for a £1million payout.

Following this prize draw, NS&I’s “Agent Million” will visit these two jackpot winners, informing them of the news.

NS&I has revealed some information about the jackpot winners, while maintaining their anonymity.

One person is female and from Norwich. The winning Bond number was 250KD320334.

This winner has a total holding of £50,000 and purchased her winning Bond in July 2015.

The results of this prize draw means she is the third jackpot winner from the East Anglian city.

The second millionaire is a man who is based in Cambridge.

He has a total holding of £15,700, and his winning Bond number 334AX125846 is part of a Bond worth just £25 that was reinvested from a prize win in July 2018.

Following the jackpot win, he has become the fourth jackpot millionaire from the area.

Jill Waters, NS&I’s Retail Director, said: “Spring is well and truly here for these two jackpot millionaires, as well as more than three million other people who have received tax-free prizes this month. 

“Our millionaire from Cambridgeshire won with a Bond that was worth just £25 following a reinvestment from a previous prize win they’d had. 

“With £25 being the minimum amount that people can invest, this shows that any holding, whether small or large, has a chance to win the magic £1 million jackpot. 


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“The £25 minimum investment is just one of the ways that Premium Bonds have become more accessible. 

“We’ve recently launched text message notifications to inform people of wins, as well as enabling child winners to have their prizes paid directly into the bank account of their nominated responsible parent or guardian, ensuring that children get their prizes more quickly.” 

NS&I is urging Premium Bonds holders to check whether they could claim a prize.

The government-backed savings bank said that more than 1.7million prizes worth more than £65million altogether are still waiting to be claimed by Premium Bond holders.

Premium Bonds checker: March 2020

It’s possible to check Premium Bonds in a number of ways, and this includes by going online to the NS&I website, or via NS&I’s Prize Checker app.

It’s also possible to people to check via the Amazon Alexa skill.

Premium Bonds holders can also choose to be notified via email – and now text message.

Currently, the odds of winning per £1 Bond number is 24,500 to one, however this will change in the near future due to the prize fund rate changing to 1.3 percent from May 1, 2020.

From this date, the odds of any single Bond winning a prize will change to 26,000 to one.

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