Premium Bonds winners announced for February 2022 – have you won NS&I’s £1million prize?

Martin Lewis gives updated advice on premium bonds

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For this month, there were two winners of NS&I’s £1million jackpot prize draw from different parts of the country. The first winner is an individual from Leeds, with the winning bond number 193NH145072, who has invested £20,002 into the savings prize draw. Surprisingly, this person’s winning bond is valued at £20,000, just below their total holding, and was purchased back in June 2012.

The second winner is a person from Essex, with the winning bond number 446WL848124, who invested £50,000 into Premium Bonds, which is recognisably more than their fellow jackpot winner.

This individual’s prize bond is valued at £10,000 and was only purchased within the last year in March 2021.

In the month of February 2021, there were 211 bonds winners who received prizes ranging from £1million to £5,000.

Some six lucky winners will take home £100,000 in Premium Bonds prize money, while 12 individuals are set to get £50,000 in the lottery draw.

Premium Bonds are different from other investment products as holders are automatically entered into a monthly prize draw where they can win between £25 and £1 million in tax free cash.

These bonds are issued by NS&I, which is a Government-backed and protected savings institution

Part of the incentive in taking out Premium Bonds is the lottery offering £1million, rather than the bonds earning interest or a regular dividend income.

Potential bond holders only need to invest as little as £25 to purchase Premium Bonds with the maximum holding level being £50,000.

Every bond is allocated a special number for every £1 invested into NS&I’s investment product.

The winning bonds are chosen by ERNIE, NS&I’s Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment.

In the lottery process, ERNIE assists in randomly selecting which Premium Bond holders will secure the £1million prize.

On his Money Saving Expert, financial expert Martin Lewis outlined how savers and bond holders should view NS&I’s Premium Bonds as a savings product.

Discussing the potential returns on investment, Mr Lewis explained: “Premium Bonds are all about your mentality.

“They do protect your cash, so even if the returns don’t look a good bet, it’s fine to put a non-significant portion of your money in them, provided you’re aware it’s more for fun than returns.

“Before deciding, use the calculator to look at the real odds. If you’re willing to take the gamble after that, then it’s fine.

“Many people often think: ‘I’m likely to get about one percent and there’s a small chance of winning a million’.

“But the main point is that this isn’t correct. You’re actually likely to get less than one percent, and there’s a negligible chance of winning a million.

“If you know and you’re OK with this, then investing in Premium Bonds isn’t a bad plan.”

More information on this month’s winners are set to be published tomorrow by NS&I.

This will include additional details on the prize winner’s information and the overall money awarded to winners.

Anyone looking to start investing in Premium Bonds is encouraged to reach out to NS&I as soon as possible for further information and guidance on how to purchase.

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