Property: Couple swap London flat for cottage triple the size – while saving £8,000

Kate Humble forages for wild food in Carmarthenshire

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In the Channel 5 show, Kate Humble helped a married couple swap their flat in London for a house in Gloucester. What was the property like?

The average property price in the UK was £254,624 as of May 2021, according to the UK house price index.

However, this figure alters drastically depending on where homeowners set up shop.

In fact, those who live in London could be left forking out £491,687 for a similar property.

This was the case for one married couple and their infant son who shared their story in the Channel 5 programme.

Matt and Uzma had been paying a premium for living in Wandsworth, London.

The couple lived in a flat with a valuation of around £600,000.

They enlisted the help of Kate Humble as they aimed to find a cheaper way of life.

The duo decided to swap the capital for the countryside and move to Gloucester.

They hoped to get more room for their family as well as swap a balcony for more outdoor space.

The couple found a stunning four-bedroom farmhouse cottage which they set their hearts on.

It came with three times the amount of internal space as their flat.

On top of that, Matt and Uzma managed to get an acre of land and outhouses to be converted.

They hoped to transform the space into a gym and craft room.

All of this came in at just under the value of their London flat.

They picked up the large property for £592,500.

Rather than selling their flat, the couple planned to turn it into an additional form of income and rent it out.

After making the move to their new cottage, the couple got to work settling in. 

Kate visited the pair after three weeks to find out how they were getting on. 

When asked how they found it, the couple stated: “It’s very different!”

However, they showed off the cottage and shared plans for the what they would do with the room.

They made renovations to help the property become more environmentally-friendly.

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