Rep. McCaul: Putin must be told 'enough is enough' on cyberattacks and that US will 'hit back'

Rep. McCaul slams Biden’s meeting with Putin, calls it a win for Russia

Texas Rep. Michael McCaul cited the many concessions made by President Biden prior to the summit.

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, was critical of President Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Texas congressman joined “America’s Newsroom” and ripped into the concessions made by the president following the recent cyberattacks. 


REP. MCCAUL: The biggest one was the Nord Stream 2 [pipeline]. Congress, we gave mandatory sanctions on this Putin pipeline going into Europe. And the president on his own waived it in the United States ‘national interest.’ I don’t see how it is in the United States’ national interest to allow Putin to complete this pipeline into Europe where Europe is now going to be energy-dependent on Russia. That was a big favor for Putin. At the same time the president shut down the Keystone pipeline and then the Russians attacked the Colonial pipeline in the United States. It’s a pipeline paradox, if you will, that is going on.

We need to lay a new rules of the road in place. There will be consequences to bad behavior. We’ll hit back. I think the president needs to make it very clear to Putin, whether it’s a nation-state attack or whether it’s a sort of Russian organized mafia, which we all know Putin is tacitly approving this, we aren’t going to take it anymore and we are prepared to strike back if you do this again. Enough is enough.


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