‘Router location is key’: Essential expert tips for more reliable Wi-Fi this Christmas

Simple hacks using 3D printing to improve WiFi connectivity

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As Britons travel across the country to stay with relatives and friends, household Wi-Fi can be put to the test. New gadgets and devices can see some Wi-Fi connections pushed to the limit. With Christmas around the corner, BT’s Home Tech Experts have released their top tips on how customers can make the most of their Wi-Fi over the busy festive period.

Their tips include how not to decorate routers and the best location for the router on the big day.

Avoid placing items on top of your router

This may seem like common sense to some but with Christmas presents, ornaments and decorations sometimes covering every available surface, items can accidentally be placed on top of routers.

Routers are best placed in open spaces to “maximise its efficiency”.

Festive tinsel or having a elf decoration sitting on it won’t impact its performance.

However, completely covering the hub with a box will seriously reduce its effectiveness.

Router location is key

If possible, the hub should be positioned in the middle of the home to reduce the number of walls slowing down the signal.

This will also ensure all guests in the property at Christmas have strong connectivity, wherever they’re staying in the home.

The experts said: “Once you’re more than two walls away from your hub, it has to work harder and your speeds may drop.”

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Having a router up high with no obstacles around it can also help connection.

Routers should also be plugged into a good socket and not an extension cable.

One of the ways homeowners can test whether their router’s speed is good is by checking phone chargers in various sockets.

The distance between the router and other devices should be kept at a minimum.

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Complete Wi-Fi discs

Connectivity can be maximised for guests with complete Wi-Fi discs.

A Wi-Fi disc can increase the strength of broadband.

These discs are compact, reliable and according to BT, ensure there is a solid connection in every room.

The BT Wi-Fi experts said: “As Complete Wi-Fi discs are only a plug and play away, make sure you use them to help boost connectivity around your home.

“For example, you can plug a disc upstairs in the kids’ rooms while they’re playing all their new games, leaving you and your guests to stream all your favourite Christmas movies.”

Wireless boosters are also a good option for people with big homes that have areas where there the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach.

Homeowners should be aware that a booster won’t improve the speed of the Wi-Fi but extends the signal itself.

Boosters tend to work with any provider but it’s best to research the best ones for you.

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