Sky TV customers urged to check for 'mystery' orange light so they don't miss their favourite shows | The Sun

SKY TV customers have been encouraged to make a simple remote check that if missed, can get in the way of watching their favourite shows.

It gets rid of that dreaded orange standby light when a Sky Q mini box won't turn on for some 'mysterious' reason.

In a help forum on Sky's website, one customer wrote: "Sky mini box is not starting.

"It says wait for screen to go blank and press home but the light on box stays orange."

It can be both a puzzling and frustrating experience when the tech you pay hard-earned cash for doesn't work.

But it turns out the problem all lied in the Sky Bluetooth remote.



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Occasionally, Sky remotes don't respond when they should.

Sometimes all they need is a quick reset and re-pair – or a change of batteries.

To reset the remote, you should first try switching the Sky Q mini box on by pressing the standby button on the front right which glows orange/amber.

If this brings the mini on, grab the remote and long press buttons seven and nine together until the light on the box flashes four times.

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Make sure that you are pointing your remote at the Q box and press buttons one and three together until the led flashes.

Then follow onscreen instructions to re- pair.

Is this doesn't solve your issue, Sky is quick to replace faulty or damaged equipment.

On the company's website, Sky customers can fill out a quick form for a free remote replacement.

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