Smart thermostat has made ‘world of difference’ to man’s energy bills

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Since the energy crisis began, some of the main recommendations for cutting down on energy expenditure have been for people to install smart technology such as smart meters and smart thermostats into homes. Some energy companies have claimed that smart thermostats could cut a household’s heating bill by between eight and 16 percent, while others have claimed it could take up to 31 percent off.

In some cases, energy companies have claimed that £110 per year can be saved by using a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat is a thermostat that can be controlled with a phone, tablet, or another internet-connected device.

Smart thermostats can learn a household’s patterns and adjust heating and cooling accordingly. Moreover, users can adjust the temperature setting, set timers, and turn the heating on and off via the app.

According to an analysis by Electric Radiators Direct, the search demand for smart thermostats saw an increase of 900 percent this year compared to last.

Richard Liddle, who is based in North Yorkshire got his smart energy system from iHelios living four years ago which included a smart thermostat and says it has made “the world of difference” for him.

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Richard explained that it was “the little things” the smart thermostat can do which has made the biggest difference for him and over the last year he has seen a “radical reduction” in his energy bills when compared to not having the smart system.

He said: “I have full control of the energy in my house and it is no hardship either, it’s all just on my phone and I’m not a mega technical person but once you’ve learnt it that’s it, you can make the changes and those little changes you then see impacted in the bills.

“It honestly is the little things because I was coming home from being away with my family last week and it was raining and it was cold and it was past my five-year-old’s bedtime so it was awful and I knew it was going to be freezing when we got home.

“So I put the heating on in his room to take the chill out of it and once we got home we could put him straight to bed which made a big difference because he would’ve wanted to stay up later until the house heated up before going to bed.”

Over the next few years, Richard believes that due to his smart system his energy consumption overall will reduce which he thinks will help him save even more money on his energy bills and will be much greener for the planet.

When living in a property without the smart tech, Richard explained that he never put too much thought into his energy consumption.

He said: “If I was cold in the evening, I would just put the heating on and that was it, I would then just switch it off when I didn’t need it on anymore.

“Sometimes there would be no one upstairs and everyone would be all sat in the one room downstairs back then. I wouldn’t really start going around and turning off the radiators in each room just for that one day when no one was upstairs for a few hours. It was what it was, the heating was on.”

Richard explains that his smart thermostat and the other smart technology in his home have helped him change his habits as he has now become “more conscious” about his usage.

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He added: “Now when I turn the heating on, ill just turn on the room that I am in and let’s say I was going to bed in an hour or so, I will switch on the bedroom heating and turn off the downstairs.

“I’m thinking about my energy use a lot more, where I should be using it, where I could be using it and where I am wasting it. With energy going up, I think I will be in a better place this winter than last simply because of that.

“It’s because I won’t be wasting energy, which is the main thing.”

Richard recommends other Britons, if they can, to invest in a smart thermostat not just as a short-term fix to help energy bills, but as a long-term investment in changing attitudes towards energy usage.

He added: “It’s a small step people can take which could ultimately really help. You’ve got to look at the bigger picture these smart systems will help, and it will 100 percent help by just getting a smart thermostat.”

Alongside Richard, Danny Gough, Director at housing management firm MyPad is currently working with landlords to install smart thermostats into the 800 properties his company manages.

Danny explained that his company is currently changing out the heating systems in the properties from gas to the smart iHelios system and alongside that he is installing smart thermostats as a way to reduce the tenant’s energy bills.

He said: “That’s why we are doing it to reduce the bills and the tenants are saving a fortune.

“It does dramatically improve the tenant’s energy bills and on average our tenants are saving around £50 if they’ve just got the smart thermostat by just the small change but if they’ve got the whole smart IHelios system they save around £150 to £200 a month.

“From the landlord’s point of view, the tenant is happy that the landlord is looking after them so they stay, the landlord is happy to have a good tenant staying in the property so everybody wins here.”

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