State Pension UK: When will I get my state pension over Christmas? – full details

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State Pension payments are an important source of income for many retired people, who often use the money to cover their day-to-day expenses. A time where costs can usually go up for households is Christmas, where people frequently give and receive presents and potentially spend more on other living expenses. As a result, state pension payments could take on additional importance, but with the disruption of the festive season, pensioners should make note of when they will receive their money.

Britons who receive the state pension are likely to find their payments dates are slightly altered throughout the Christmas and New Year period. 

This is as a result of the three bank holidays which pop up throughout this time.

While pensioners receive their sum on the same date every four weeks as standard, those who are set to receive payment on a bank holiday are likely to be paid at a different time.

This year, Christmas Day, December 25, 2020, falls on a Friday, affecting those who are set to receive their state pension sum then.

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Instead, these individuals can expect to be paid days earlier, with their payment falling on December 23.

However, this year Boxing Day will fall on a Saturday, which means an extra Bank Holiday has been added to the calendar to compensate.

The Bank Holiday will fall on Monday December 28, meaning payments due on this date will also be issued on December 23.

In the following week, there is another Bank Holiday Britons will have to contend with – New Year’s Day.

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This, too, falls on a Friday, and so those expecting to be paid on the first day of 2021 will also see some changes.

These individuals can instead expect to receive their state pension payment on December 31st, 2020 – so they will have their money in time for the new year. 

However, despite there being changes to contend with, pensioners affected will not have to take any further action to receive the money to which they are entitled.

This is because payments are processed automatically, and will be changed to reflect bank holidays by the DWP. 

Depending on who Britons bank with, it is likely the money will be paid into a person’s account shortly after midnight on the due date.

However, if not, then people can expect the sum to be paid into a bank or building society account in the early hours of the morning.

Some pensioners, however, will have to wait until 6 to 9am to be able to access their payment from their banking provider. 

To be eligible to receive the new state pension, a person must be a woman born on or after April 6, 1953, or a man born on or after April 6, 1951.

Individuals will need at least 10 qualifying years on their National Insurance record to receive any state pension at all.

The full new state pension sum, however, currently sits at £175.20 per week, but will increase next year.

This is due to the Triple Lock Mechanism which sees the state pension sum rise by the highest of the following: average earnings, 2.5 percent or inflation.

The rise for 2021 will be 2.5 percent, meaning the full rate of the new state pension will stand at £179.60 per week. 

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