Surprising product to avoid when cleaning washing machine – ‘damaging’

Mrs Hinch uses washing machine cleaning hack to remove dirt

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Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips is a Facebook page dedicated to helping cleaning enthusiasts with their problematic household chores – including cleaning the washing machine.

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Kelly Elphick took to the forum to share some insight into cleaning a washing machine.

She stated: “Just had my washing machine serviced and I asked him what was the best for cleaning my machine.”

The professional claimed that Soda Crystals are “hands down” the best product for this appliance.

He advised: “Once a month throw half a cup of them into the drum and put on a hot wash.”

However, he advised that washing machine owners steer clear of another cleaning product – vinegar.

This is because it can “damage the rubber seal over time”, which could eventually cause a leak.

This post amassed 368 likes and 21 shares, suggesting that many agreed with the advice given.

And Soda Crystals are not super expensive. Dri Pak Fine Soda Crystals 1kg costs just 80p from Sainsbury’s.

Donna Ferguson commented: “I use soda crystals every time I wash. I place it in the drum with washing powders/pods.

“It also keeps whites white and colours bright. I always get compliments about my laundry whatever the load.”

Judi Robinson seconded this: “Totally agree!!! I put soda crystals in mine and a hot wash…never vinegar because it’s acid.”

Stacy Louise said: “I swear by it but I put it in every wash and it’s less than £1.

“Ive been using it for years, still have the same machine, dare I say it, never once had to call anyone out to fix things, so must be doing some good.”

Lynne Keal stated: “Every time people mention vinegar I am horrified.

“I started seeing brown spots on my washing and when the machine broke down the engineer took it apart and it was totally rusted away.

“I was told my machine was not covered under guarantee because I had used vinegar. Far, far too acidic.”

Another cleaning enthusiast suggested that Soda Crystals are also handy for completing another odorous task.

Denise Lambert advised: “Soda crystals are great for putting down sinks to stop your bends getting blocked.

“If you get a blockage it can help unblock too. Just put a pile in the plug hole and pour on boiling water.

“I always have a bag as they’re good for cleaning the sink too. My mum always used them, they are cheap too.”

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