Teslas could soon travel up to 400 miles on a single charge – more than double the range of other models – The Sun

ELECTRIC cars are often overlooked by British drivers as many fear they will run out of charge.

But a new supercharged battery from Tesla could mean you could go weeks without plugging in your vehicle.

Tesla founder Elon Musk revealed last month the company was working on expanding the range of its Model S models to 400 miles.

Tesla expert Jason Hughes confirmed on Twitter that the automaker is building a new battery pack configuration with a group of 108 cells and 450-volt pack, with a 109 kWh energy capacity.

This technology would be powerful enough to provide its motors with more than 400 miles on a single charge.

Currently, Tesla's Model S Long Range can travel up to 370 miles before needing a charge.

Other models from different manufacturers though have a much lower range, with the Smart ForFour EQ only lasting 57 miles.

Around 60 per cent of drivers experience anxiety about running out of power in their car, while around half are nervous about the availability of charging stations.

British motorists will be forced to get behind the wheel of an electric motor by 2035, after the Government pledged to ban all new petrol and diesel cars.

While the ban is still a while off, drivers are encouraged to hold onto their cars in the meantime.

Brits will still be able to drive their old petrol and diesel cars once it comes into action, as the recent announcement will only affect new models.

However, given that bans on petrol and diesel vehicles are becoming more common across the country, it's likely to become harder to drive traditional models.

Earlier this month, we revealed the electric cars with the best and worst real ranges and what they will cost you per mile.

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