The $208,000 Audi R8 is a stellar supercar, but its best feature is a tiny key holder in the center console

  • Because most car keys are key fobs now, you can't just put them in the ignition anymore.
  • The 2020 Audi R8 I reviewed had a specialized slot in its center console just for the key.
  • It's a great solution and became intuitive to use very quickly.
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The 2020 Audi R8 V10 Performance Coupe Quattro's interior deserves a special shout out — not because it's airy and spacious, though it is — but because it included a little slot especially for the car key.

Those who know my tastes at all will know that I love it when cars have extra storage cubbies and slots. As people, we carry a lot of loose items with us and those items need to go somewhere when we're in our cars. We certainly can't be expected to hold everything all the time. We live in a society after all.

In the R8's carbon fiber-inlaid, minimalist center console, there's a little slot meant for safekeeping the car's key — a blocky, large thing that might not always be the most comfortable to leave in your pocket while sitting down. Car keys can be easy to misplace even when size isn't a concern, since all of them are fobs now and you physically cannot put them in the ignition anymore.

Foreseeing this as an issue, Audi thoughtfully created a spot for it that would have otherwise just been dead space.

Using that key slot became second nature faster than actually driving the R8 did. You ever been on that subreddit r/Perfectfit? That was me the whole time I had the Audi.

Meet key.Kristen LeeYou unlock the car, climb into it, put the key in its little house, and start the car up. And after you shut the car off, you pluck the key up out of the slot and slip it back into your pocket along with your phone. Intuitive. Smooth. Efficient. Dare I say it? German.

The ignition was the original key holder. The R8's little key slot is the next best thing.

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