The Biden Administration continues the White House's long history of personalizing everything, from pens to cookies to shovels

  • President Joe Biden finally got his own M&Ms, marking a tradition that dates back to the Reagan era.
  • It’s far from the only branded perk that the president (and vice-president) are gifted with.
  • Insider rounded up other personalized presidential items spotted by photographers. 
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Leadership in Washington flips from red to blue every so often, but one thing always seems to remain the same: a dedication to personalization.

Many of the items have been useful, like the White House cocktail napkin one of Insider’s reporters kept as a souvenir from President Barack Obama’s administration. Here are a few other personalized presidential items spotted by photographers. 

Pens featuring President Joe Biden’s signature were ready for use on his first full day in office. 

Complete with a presidential seal.Alex Brandon/AP Photo

Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of photojournalists capturing the pens.

In March, the White House slapped its seal on shamrock cookies for visitors to the Outer Oval Office for St. Patrick’s day.

This week, M&Ms arrived on Air Force One


It’s a longstanding tradition: presidential M&Ms were first created in 1988 for Ronald Reagan — with Bill Clinton later starting the tradition of adding the leader’s signature.

As noted by Ashley Williams, the deputy director of Oval Office operations, Biden didn’t have his own M&Ms at the beginning of his presidency, although last month, Air Force One got special transitional M&Ms with no signature. But now Biden can rest easy.

Williams posted a photo on Twitter of the candies arranged in the shape of a “100,” to mark Biden’s 100 days in office. The Air Force One M&Ms have long been a favorite among reporters, as BBC News pointed out.

The personalization extends beyond the Oval Office. Here, Vice President Kamala Harris greets her husband, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, with a coffee cup bearing the Presidential Seal between them.

Kamala Harris, Doug Emhoff, and a personalized coffee cup.Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

President Donald Trump had “45” monogrammed on his shirt cuff.

Trump’s “45” monogram.Alex Brandon/AP Photo

Back in 2012, Obama’s staff photographed him in his “The President” chair.

In Biden’s White House, even the shovels used on Arbor Day come with personalized plaques.


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