The biggest police union in the US just endorsed Trump for president

  • The largest police union in the US endorsed President Trump for President on Friday.
  • The move aligns with Trump's messaging that he is the "president of law and order." 
  • Biden, who recently questioned how safe people feel under Trump's current presidency, leads the president in the polls by seven points, according to FiveThirtyEight data. 
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The largest police union in the US, which represents more than 355,000 police officers, endorsed Donald Trump for president on Friday.

"Look at what the national discourse has focused on for the last six months. President Trump has shown time after time that he supports our law enforcement officers and understands the issues our members face every day," said Patrick Yoes, President of the Fraternal Order of Police in a press release. "The FOP is proud to endorse a candidate who calls for law and order across our nation."

The statement aligns with President Trump's attempts to brand himself as "your president of law and order," a claim his rival Joe Biden has questioned. Trump reacted to nationwide protests against police brutality by condemning looting and sending National Guard troops and federal law enforcement to Washington, D.C. and Portland Oregon, while falsely accusing Biden of trying to defund the police. 


The FOP isn't the only police union to come out in support in Trump. During last week's Republican National Convention, Pat Lynch of the Patrolmen Benevolent Association, the largest police union in New York City, endorsed Trump as well, Gothamist reported. 

President Trump's approval rating clocks in at 52.2%, but he trails Joe Biden by seven points in polls for the general election, according to data from FiveThirtyEight.

The FOP also endorsed Trump in the 2016 election. Over the years, the union also backed George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and John McCain. 

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