The rebooted DeLorean's style revealed in new photo

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The DeLorean is coming back in the future, and now we know what the back of it looks like.

The original DeLorean was sold from 1981 to 1983.
(DeLorean Motor Company)

The infamous brand is being rebooted this year by its new Texas-based owners with an all-electric model inspired by the original.

The new DeLorean features the original’s gullwing doors.
(DeLorean Motor Company)

The company released a shadowy animation of the front of the vehicle that shows it will feature the original’s iconic gullwing doors and has now released a clear look at the back of the car.

DeLorean released its first sneak peek of their electric vehicle.
(DeLorean Motor Company)

Doc Brown may not recognize it as it features more curvaceous, bulging fenders than the original and a different window design. It swaps out the taillights rows of boxes for three slim strips.

The new DeLorean looks significantly different from the original.
(James Carr – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

The DeLorean name is still embossed in the bumper line, however, and the car features a silver and black color scheme, although it doesn’t look like stainless steel. DeLorean Motor Company worked with ItalDesign on the styling, the same outfit that penned the original.

The startup, which grew out of a DeLorean restoration company, previously said it would be building the vehicles under a new low volume vehicle manufacturers law that allows for up to 325 new replica vehicles annually that don’t need to meet current safety standards, but hasn’t confirmed if that’s still the plan.

The regulations allow for the recreation to be within 10% of the size of the vehicle it’s based on, but it’s not clear how far it can vary from the design.

DeLorean Motor Company will be releasing more images and information in the coming months ahead of a full reveal of the vehicle at the Pebble Beach Concours in August.

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