‘They were all the rage in the 90s’: The toys in your attic that could be worth thousands

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One expert has told Express.co.uk how peoples’ old toys could now fetch a staggering £350,000. She said that having a highly sought-after, valuable item somewhere in the house is more common than people might think.

Vlatka Lake, storage expert at Space Station said some old soft toys and books could sell for three, four, five and even six figure sums.

Ms Lake said: “Many of the collectables that are selling for thousands, did not start off as a collector’s item and were toys or books that you would expect any child of that generation to have had.

“It’s good advice to hold on to all your old tech, first edition or limited-edition books and popular children’s toys, as they could be worth a small fortune within the next twenty or thirty years.

“We all amass various belongings throughout our lives – they tell our stories and offer us a look back into the past in some instances.

“Before you donate or throw your unwanted items away, it’s worth checking sites such as eBay and Amazon to see how much they are selling, as it could be thousands!”

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Many Britons struggle to part with childhood memorabilia but making some extra money from them could make it easier to bear.

While it might not clear cupboard space, Britons could start now by holding onto items that are predicted to increase in value in the future.

Ms Lake explains: “First edition versions of modern books are a good thing to keep an eye out for, with the likes of The Da Vinci Code and Game of Thrones tipped to increase in value over the coming years.

“Original versions of tech like the Amazon Echo could net you a fortune in years to come if you hold onto it – likewise with first edition Playstations and Xboxes.”

Which old toys are worth the most?

Beanie Babies – up to £350,000
“These were all the rage back in the nineties, but if someone still has a few hanging around in their loft, don’t throw them out. A whole host of the stuffed toys, including Peanut the Elephant and Peace Garcia, regularly go for four figure sums online, while a 1997 bear commemorating Princess Dianna once sold for £350,000.”

Harry Potter Books – up to £40,000
“Hold onto these – especially anyone with a complete set of the wizarding series. According to a list of criteria from Abe Books, original versions can sell from £200 to more than £40,000.”

Old money – up to £300
“It’s well worth examining old copper jars for rare coins. 20 pence pieces with no date on them and two pence coins from 1983 with the words “New Pence” on them, can sell for hundreds of pounds. With the old £10 note no longer in circulation, it’s worth searching for any old notes lying around.”

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Lego – up to £7,000
“As one of the most popular children’s toys across the world, plenty of households are bound to have old boxes of Lego. There is a big demand for rare individual Lego blocks, however, old Lego sets can also sell for a lot more now than when they were new. The 2007 edition of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon is available on Amazon for more than £7,000, 20 times its original value.”

Tech – up to £500
“Although many people believe tech loses value as it gets older, many classic games consoles and music devices hold their worth and sometimes sell for big money. The resurgence in popularity of record players has seen their price rocket, and old games consoles such as the SNES or Nintendo 64 can now sell for several hundreds of pounds. Old Apple products are also worth looking for – an iPod Classic in mint condition can be sold for more than £200.”

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