This TikTok pitch deck unpacks the lessons of brands that have gone viral on the app

  • TikTok wants to help brands go viral on its app to win over younger consumers and drive sales.
  • The company published a pitch deck for brands with stats about the app’s growth and what users want.
  • It highlights food brand Little Moons, which attributes a huge surge in sales to its use of TikTok.
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TikTok regularly updates potential advertisers on how best to appeal to its users. A new pitch deck is designed to help convince businesses of the importance of TikTok’s audience of 732 million users.

“If you’re an advertiser, you need to be where your audience is,” said Alex Wilson, brand and communications strategist. “TikTok has become the most popular app for young people, so if that’s who you’re targeting, advertising on TikTok is a no-brainer.”

This deck highlights the success of UK brand Little Moons, whose frozen mochi balls that went viral on the app and have since sold out at major supermarkets. The company said it had a 1,300% increase in sales.

Given by TikTok to its those who have signed up to its business portal this week, the deck helps unpick how Little Moons did it. 

But it also gives key secrets to successful videos, and details how the app has grown and how many videos are being posted.

TikTok pitches itself as a culturally inclusive, commercially influential platform.

The deck say 57% of TikTok users who responded to a survey said they had bought something through the app.

The company is trying to brand its users as Generation T – digital-native creators who, between them, post 100 million TikToks a minute.

Generation T appreciate small businesses: they’re 15% more likely to buy from independent brands than other social media users.

Four in 10 TikTok users say they are on the app to discover new things.

And all users are swayed into purchasing by TikTok – though that’s higher the younger they are.

TikTok advocates combining organic reach with paid promotion for best impact.

And it demonstrates that through Little Moons' success – which saw a 1,300% increase in sales as a result of the app.

TikTok propelled Little Moons to 'our most successful year yet,' said the food brand's marketing director, Ross Farquhar.

TikTok’s 12-step process to connect with users highlights authenticity and engagement.

Users are discouraged from trying to beat the algorithm – and to show their face on camera.

TikTok explains all the different options for brands to advertise on the app.

And details how to manage campaigns through TikTok.

But it also advocates working with creators on the app to showcase products. More than 35,000 are available to do product placement videos.

French theme park Parc Asterix used TikTok’s Creator Marketplace to reach 2 million users.

Parc Asterix didn't just get more users, but also got longer engagement on videos.

TikTok’s advice for viral videos is both high-level…

And granular, for those who have never used the app before.

TikTok also boasts a range of automated solutions to help businesses create engaging TikToks, including smart video editing.

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