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APPLE has packed loads of great new features into the iPhone but these can be a sucker for your battery.

For the most part, clever tech inside is able to optimise how much power to use so you get the very most out of it.

But there are some tweaks you can make, as TikToker Amhacks1 reveals.

This includes switching off the much-loved new haptic feature.

The haptic keyboard gives you a helpful little vibration when you touch any of the keys, making it easier to type stuff out.

"I love it too but guess what it takes up battery so turn it off," he says.

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How to turn off the haptic keyboard

The haptic keyboard should be off by default, but the sound feedback may be on.

Either way, to ensure they're off to save battery, open the Settings and find Sounds & Haptics.

Go to Keyboard Feedback and switch Sound and Haptic off.

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Update your apps on iPhone

Updating your apps not only provides you with the latest features.

It also means you're using the most recent build fit for iOS 16.

To update apps, go to the App Store and tap the profile image in the top right.

Scroll down and select Update All.

How to switch to dark mode

Brightness on your phone can also use up quite a bit of battery.

So, switching on dark mode can help.

Open the Settings and find Display & Brightness.

Under appearance, switch on Dark.

While you're here, it's also a good idea to set the auto-lock to 30 seconds.

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This means your screen will switch off a lot earlier when you're not using it.

Just tap Auto-Lock further down and choose 30 seconds.

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