Trapped In Homes, Voters Film Selfie Videos To Make Case Against Trump

One woman with a compromised immune system is quarantined while worrying about her sister, an emergency room doctor. Another, a retired nurse, wishes she could help treat coronavirus patients, but can’t because of a preexisting medical condition. An active nurse is frustrated over President Donald Trump’s questioning of whether or not medical professionals need protective gear and ventilators.

These are some of the stories collected by Priorities USA, a major Democratic super PAC, from voters who filmed selfie videos from their homes while social distancing to make the case against Trump.

While political groups traditionally like to film testimonials from voters in person, these selfie videos show how groups on both sides of the aisle may have to adjust to an era of social distancing and quarantines, depending on the severity of the coronavirus pandemic in the run-up to Election Day.

“Just because voters are sitting at home, that doesn’t mean they are tuning out,” said Steve Pierce, director of Battleground State Communications at Priorities USA. “These selfie videos show that voters across the country understand that Donald Trump’s failed leadership has made this crisis far worse than it needed to be — and people like them are paying the price.”

The eight videos released by the group were all filmed by voters in the key swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida. Some of the videos are interspersed with quotes from Trump downplaying the potential lethality of COVID-19 or the severity of the pandemic. 

In one video, Lynn, a retired nurse from the Milwaukee suburb of Germantown, slams Trump for disbanding a pandemic task force that was part of the National Security Council. 

“All of that contributed to our lack of preparation, to our lack of action, to the situation we find ourselves in today,” she said.

In another, Rachel, a nurse from Dearborn, Michigan, attacks Trump as ill-informed based on his questioning of why hospitals need additional ventilators to help patients battling the coronavirus. 

“The things that he’s saying, his actions, are really proving the type of person that he is,” she says.

Some Democrats were initially spooked when Trump’s approval numbers jumped as the coronavirus pandemic began, but recent polling indicates he’s made few gains in head-to-head matchups against the presumptive Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden, and voters are skeptical that Trump’s administration was prepared to handle the pandemic.

Still, the party hopes paid advertising and videos like these can counter Trump’s daily press conferences — which increasingly have the feel of campaign rallies — and his dominance in the news cycle.

“We’re grateful to all the people speaking out and holding the president accountable,” Pierce said. “Because if left unchecked, Trump will continue to lie and spread misinformation, putting millions of American lives at risk.”

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