Trump campaign official bashes Biden, claims ex-VP 'in the hip pocket of the teachers union'

Murtaugh: It’s a bad idea to interrupt the educational development of children

Trump 2020 campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh weighs in on Trump’s efforts to reopen schools in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh accused presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of being "in the hip pocket of the teachers union" as the White House pushes schools to reopen on time this fall despite the coronavirus pandemic.

"We know that when it comes to education policy, Joe Biden does not have a thought of his own, and he has to do with the union tells him to do," Murtaugh said on "Bill Hemmer Reports"

By contrast, Murtaugh claimed, Trump will listen to parents and be guided by what they believe is in their child's best interest — and state leaders should follow suit.

"I think the president has the biggest megaphone, and I think a lot of the pressure will come from parents in these states because we all know that it's important to get schools open in the fall and open on time and safely of course," he said.

"One [reason] is it's just a bad idea to interrupt the educational development of kids all across the country, and second, parents need to have some certainty because as we get this economy moving again, parents need to be able to get back to work."

"I think a lot of governors have shown that they can handle these [COVID] flareups and address them," he added.

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