Trump tells Gutfeld ‘I think you’ll be very happy’ with 2024 plans

Trump reveals when he will make a decision about running for President in 2024 on ‘Gutfeld!’

President Trump sits down with Greg Gutfeld to discuss Hunter Biden’s paintings, the approval ratings of the Republican Party, and Biden’s call with Ghani on ‘Gutfeld!’

Former President Donald Trump has yet to announce if he’ll be running for president once again but revealed in an exclusive interview with “Gutfeld!” that his decision will make some people “very happy.”

“I love our country,” he said. “I think you’ll be very happy. I would say two, three years ago you might not have been that happy but now I think you’d be happy… I’ll make a decision in the not-so-distant future.”

According to Trump, the polls agree with him as some ratings hit 98% approval for the Republican Party which makes the former president “feel appreciated.”

Trump went on to bash the liberal media for protecting the “incompetent” Biden administration at all costs, including staying silent on the developing disaster in Afghanistan.

“I watch the evening news and they talk about everything they can but they don’t like to talk about Afghanistan.”

“[CNN is] torn because if they cover it, they’ll get higher ratings but they don’t want to cover it because it’s bad for the radical left Democrats,” he said. “And they’re doing that to protect some of the most incompetent people in the history of politics.”

The mainstream media also refuses to acknowledge rising crime in America’s cities which has been fueled by the defund the police movement following Black Lives Matter protests last summer. Trump noted prosecutors now “only go after Republicans.”

“Look at Chicago where they say 113 people were shot at and 28 died. That’s worse than Afghanistan,” he said. “We didn’t lose, I told you, a soldier in many, many months and here they have 28 people died over a weekend? It’s a disgrace.”

Trump also mentioned the class action lawsuit being filed against Big Tech giants like Twitter and Facebook for silencing his free speech, even though Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used to visit the White House to “kiss my ass,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, under the Trump administration, political correctness and “woke” thinking were kept in check. Now that Biden has allowed wokeism to trickle into everyday living, such as critical race theory in school curriculum, Trump pointed out that Americans are becoming more aware of its threat to the country.

“Woke means you’re a loser,” he said. “I’m watching parents in Virginia – they’re tired of it. They don’t want it. They’re finally getting it… They’re throwing these maniacs out and it’s been great to watch.”

Trump also revealed that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, was never one to back critical race theory in military training, yet was quick to re-implement it under Biden.

Trump commented on Biden’s mental fitness to act as commander in chief as the world has watched him stumble through press briefings and publicly announce his adherence to written instructions and stressed how it could be a national security risk.

“It’s so sad for our country,” he said. “I got to know Putin and President Xi of China and Kim Jong Un and all of them very well. They’re at the top of their game. When they see the scene at the meetings that they’ve had where [Biden’s] wife, who’s lovely, is screaming, ‘come here, Joe…’ When they see that, I can’t imagine they’re inspired.”

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