Urgent warning for ALL Google Chrome users to change security settings now

INTERNET users are much more conscious of their privacy and data these days.

After a string of high-profile incidents in recent years like the Cambridge Analytica scandal, people are more cautious than ever.

As the most popular web browser, Google Chrome gets a lot of attention for its take on privacy.

While the tech giant has got a lot better at lifting the lid under the bonnet of Chrome, there is still more you can do yourself.

Thanks to downloadable extensions, it's pretty easy too.

Google Chrome extensions to protect privacy

There are a number of widely used extensions available that will stop trackers in their tracks.

To get started, head over to the Chrome Web Store.

Some of the best reported by CNET include Cookie Autodelete, uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere.

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Cookie AutoDelete, for example, claims to give you the power to "control your cookies".

It automatically deletes unwanted cookies from your closed tabs while keeping the ones you want.

Meanwhile, Privacy Badger says it "automatically learns to block invisible trackers".

It's important to point out that extensions only work for Chrome on Desktop – you might want to consider an alternative web browser altogether on mobile, such as DuckDuckGo.

How to block cookies in Chrome

Chrome also has its own way to allow you better control of third party cookies.

All you have to do is open Settings, then go to Privacy and security.

Under this, find Cookies and other site data.

Then select Block third-party cookies

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