Warren Buffett finally got rid of his flip phone

New York (CNN Business)Warren Buffett, one of Apple’s largest shareholders, finally owns one of the company’s most popular products.

The billionaire investor revealed Monday that he recently traded in his flip phone for an iPhone. The Berkshire Hathaway CEO told CNBC that his old Samsung phone is “permanently gone.” He teased that he might crush his old phone at Berkshire Hathaway’s upcoming annual meeting in May.
It doesn’t sound like he has many apps or uses the customizable memojis on his iPhone — he says he simply uses it “as a phone.” Berkshire owns around 5.6% of Apple (AAPL).

    “You’re looking at an 89-year-old guy that’s barely beginning to be with it,” Buffett said.
    Although he’s been given “several” iPhones over the years, including from Apple CEO Tim Cook, he hasn’t used any of them as his personal phone until now.

    Buffett’s new iPhone is not his first Apple gadget: He previously said he uses an iPad to check stocks. He even sent his first tweet from an iPad in 2013.
    Buffett’s old phone was a Samsung SCH-U320. He showed that phone off to CNN in 2013 and joked that Alexander Graham-Bell gave it to him.

      His comments come after his company, Berkshire Hathaway, (BRKA) reported its latest quarterly results on Saturday. The conglomerate posted a net profit of $29.2 billion and operating earnings of $4.4 billion.
      Berkshire Hathaway is one of the most valuable companies in the United States, worth more than $560 billion. Buffett’s company has investments in blue chip stocks like Apple, Bank of America (BAC), Coca-Cola (CCEP) and American Express (AXP).
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