Washington Post 'fact checker' ripped for Hunter Biden 'laptop stuff' post

Hunter Biden still owns 10% stake in Chinese private equity firm, documents show

Fox News correspondent Jacqui Heinrich joins ‘The Daily Briefing’ with the latest on this developing story.

A Washington Post fact-checker was mocked online Monday for downplaying the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as simply "the laptop stuff."

"In his final weeks of campaigning, Trump repeatedly praised the NY Post for publishing the laptop stuff," Glenn Kessler tweeted. He suggested that the Post’s Sunday headline, imploring the president to stop trying to overturn the election, showed that paper had moved on.

In the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, The Post exclusively reported on the tranche of damaging documents on the laptop, which was left at John Paul Mac Isaac’s repair store in April 2019 but never collected.

The documents detailed some of Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China and Ukraine and revealed how he sought to involve his father and profit off his high office.

Media outlets dismissed the Post’s reporting them as "baseless conspiracy theory," a "smear campaign," and "Russian disinformation," but they stopped short of criticizing Facebook and Twitter’s censoring of the reports as a violation of free speech.

Multiple Twitter users attacked Kessler for being more preoccupied with attacking the Post, than defending free speech.

"The laptop that was part of the FBI investigation out of Delaware that we didn’t find out about until after the Election?" one user noted.

"’Laptop stuff?’ Meaning they [sic] information on Hunter’s laptop that shows all the Bidens are bought & paid for by China? That ‘laptop stuff?’" wrote another.  

"If I was Mr. Kessler and worked for a paper that covered up the laptop/corruption bombshells in October, I think I would avoid this topic by a mile," another commented.

Hunter Biden is under investigation by Delaware’s U.S. Attorney over his "tax affairs," which include his business dealings in China and Ukraine, but it is unclear if the laptop is related to the probe. The case has prompted questions about the younger Biden profiting from his father’s name and foreign policy influence and possible conflicts of interest for the incoming president’s foreign policy.

Fox News’ David Rutz contributed to this report.

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