Watch as van narrowly overtakes cyclist on quiet country road – but it has divided opinion | The Sun

THIS is the moment a van narrowly overtakes a cyclist on a quiet country road before being stopped by cops.

Sussex Roads Police caught the driver on their dashcam and proceeded to follow him.

The force stopped the van further down the road and reported the driver for careless driving.

Footage of the incident was then shared to Twitter where it split opinion among the public.

Some felt the driver hadn't done anything wrong whereas others urged more action to be taken to help with cycle safety.

One user said: "Considering the road he was on it was not a close over take at all. There was loads of room for the cyclist."

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While another agreed: "This is all getting very silly. Surely until cyclists stop squeezing through gaps only just wide enough for their handlebars and actually wait in queues of traffic at lights and other obstructions.

"Give cyclists the space they demonstrate they need."

However, a lot of peopled thanked the police for the action taken and said they wish it was enforced more.

One said: "To the negative tweeters ….maybe if it was you on the bike you may not be so negative ..the van could and should have given more room."

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Another Twitter user added: "There was an entire lane for the van driver to use, his whole vehicle should have been over the line as nothing was oncoming.

"Look at the clearance the police vehicle gave, that's the way to do it."

And one cyclist responded saying: "Well done. Close dangerous passing of cyclists happens too often.

"There’s no excuse for it."

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