‘We didn’t have a spare penny’: Mums shares trick to slash the cost of food shop by half

Martin Lewis shares tips for saving money off your shopping bill

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However, there are ways savvy shoppers can cut back and save money on their supermarket shopping. Express.co.uk spoke to three mums who shared their secrets on how to cut your shopping bill in half.

Without doubt the food shop is one of the family’s biggest expenses and with prices at an all time high, it’s about to get tougher for many Britons already on the breadline.

Seventy-year-old Lesley Negus remembers not having a penny to spare when she was bringing up her children – she now runs a blog called Thrifty Lesley which helps families like hers live off 50p a day.

“One of the worst times was when the children were very young and we had nowhere to live, and barely any income at all – just family allowance,” she remembers.

She says it’s the simple things that help people to cut costs – meal planning, cooking from scratch and batch cooking.

Lesley continues: “We sofa surfed for four years, never knowing if benefit payments would be made, or not.

“I don’t live that way now, and haven’t for a long time, but it has left a permanent scar.”

Another mum, Suzanne Mulholland, has made a living out of batch cooking which she says can save people a huge amount of time and money.

Suzanne runs The Batch Lady where she shows people how to make a lot of meals in a short space of time.

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By planning their meals in advance and not wasting food, Britons can save over £1,000 a year.

The 45-year-old says for her it was about saving time when her children were little.

She says: “It was easier for me to cook, when they took a nap or were at nursery, so I started making recipes that I knew would freeze well so I could cook when I wanted – not when I had too.”

“It’s just all about what you make and how you make it.”

She continues: “Many of the dishes I show people how to make are prepared in advance and cooked on the night.”

Ruth, a single mum from County Galway paid off €10,000 (£8,562) of debt when she took on the challenge of a “no spend year”.

Ruth said: “We were spending roughly €4800 a year – I brought that down to €2400 and that would have been for two children under 18 and for myself.”

She committed to not spending a penny on anything that wasn’t necessary which also meant that she chopped her food bill in half.

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By not buying treats, opting for non branded items and cooking from scratch she managed to slash her shopping bill from €100 to €50 a week. However there is a catch.

Ruth explained: “It meant cooking everything from scratch – I barely bought a loaf of bread.

“I’m quite a good cook and baker but it took a huge amount of time.”

Ruth goes into more detail at her blog, Mrs Hawkins House.

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