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RESIDENTS have blasted a bizarre rule change after they keep getting fined for parking outside their own homes.

Disgruntled locals have blasted their council's "shambolic" rules which saw them slapped with penalties despite paying for parking permits.

Even people with disabled badges have been booked along Greenfield Street in Bargoed, Wales.

Before 2019, residents were able to park along both sides of the road at any time as long as they paid for valid parking permits.

But a "bizarre" change in rules that year meant those living on one side of the road were no longer allowed to park outside their houses for more than an hour on weekdays between 8am and 6pm.

However, neighbours on the other side can park outside their homes at any time as long as there is space.

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Caerphilly council's parking penalty charge is £70, reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days for "the most serious contraventions".

And it has seen elderly and disabled residents having to park far away from their homes, or cough up the cash for hefty fines.

Gareth Williams told WalesOnline: "I've lived here for 20 years and before 2019, we could park here no problem. It doesn't make sense at all."

His partner, Kelly Williams added: "We parked out the back of our house originally. But because [Gareth] isn't well, we parked at the front one day because it was absolutely tamping down with rain.

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"We brought the shopping in, went to the toilet, came back out and then there was a parking fine on the car.

"We contested it twice and said we're not paying it. Then one morning there was a note put through our door telling us that if we didn't pay the money, they would come here to remove our stuff from the property. We had to pay the £600."

Kelly said the £200 a month payment had a "huge" financial impact on the couple, who have a disabled badge on their car rather than a regular permit.

Although the pair put disabled parking signs in their front window, Kelly said they still encounter problems.

She added: "Then you get people on the weekends or evenings with no permit who stay here. People will also take up two spaces at a time. It's terrible to park here. It's a shambles."

Gareth, whose illness affects his ability to walk longer distances, said he suggested the council put a disabled slot outside his house.

It's terrible to park here, it's a shambles. People will take up two spaces at a time."

He said: "We did ask them if they'd put a disabled box outside my door. I said I would pay for it. They said they couldn't do that.

"Some nights we come home and it's piddling down with rain and we have to park more than 130 yards away and walk up in the rain."

Haydn and June Yeoman are an 84-year-old couple who live a few doors away and have also been fined for parking outside their own home.

June said: "My husband parked the car there one day thinking we would shift it after an hour, but he fell asleep in the house after we went shopping. Then we had a fine for £25. I don't know why this is happening.

"Imagine going out for a meal and coming back, you can't park because anybody can park here after 6pm – you can't get a space.

"If we come home late we will try to park across the road. If we park outside our house we have to get up early to move it."


While Max Fury said he has now given up on following the "ridiculous" rules and refuses to pay unless he is given a reasonable explanation for it.

The 43-year-old said: "I don't understand it. It feels like the 27 houses here are being discriminated against for no reason. There are people who are remote workers and people who are disabled.

"I have been fined about four times and I only paid the first one.

"It's now at about £150 for each fine and I keep responding to them saying I'm not going to pay it until I get a reasonable answer as to why we can't use our permits."

Although Max said the rule is an inconvenience to him, he said the reason he is taking a stand is to stick up for his elderly and disabled neighbours.

He said: "I'm not just thinking about myself and the money I have to pay, I feel terrible for my neighbours.

"I said to Gareth I will save his space with my car and then move it when he needs it because I can walk further.

"It's absolutely ridiculous and it's a blatant cash-grab in my mind. The fact is that they can't give me an explanation because there is no reason for it other than to make as much money as they can"

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Caerphilly council has been approached for comment.

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