We're car experts and these are our easy top tips for saving fuel – it could save you £100s a year | The Sun

FUEL prices might have come down in recent weeks, but it's still a huge part of your motoring costs.

Add in the fact that everything else in life seems to be getting more expensive and eking every last mile from a tank is important.

Handily, the motoring experts at GoShorty have given their advice on what has been working for them.

None of the tips are expensive, but all will help your car run more efficiently and go further between fill-ups.

Over the course of a year, these small but important changes could add up to hundreds of pounds in savings if you cover many miles a year.

Use a cleaning agent – around £7

As your car gets older, harmful emissions deposits can begin to build up in the engine and exhaust of your car.

This can reduce your car's efficiency, as well as increase your emissions.

To resolve this, you can add a cleaning agent to your fuel or use premium fuel with these additives already in place, which may be the more expensive option.

You can buy fuel cleaning agent from places like Halfords for around £7 that you add to your tank yourself.

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Change your air filter – around £15

Once your air filter gets clogged, your engine’s airflow is reduced, meaning it’s operating optimally.

On top of this, it makes it easier for deposits to build up, increasing your emissions and potentially damaging your vehicle. 

It's an extremely easy part to change yourself and should only cost around £15 for a decent one for most models of car.

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Reduce engine idling time – FREE

This can be especially challenging if you live in an area with high levels of congestion, where you’re stuck in traffic for minutes or longer.

However, if that’s the case, simply turn your engine off.

According to the RAC, idling for even ten seconds wastes more fuel and causes more emissions than simply restarting your car. 


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Change your oil regularly – £50-£70

Your engine oil is the fluid that lubricates, cleans and cools to prevent wear and damage to your car.

If left unchanged, it can cause your car to run ineffectively, causing more emissions and eventually breakdown.

Check the specific oil maintenance needs of your vehicle and make sure to use the correct grade of oil. 

If you like getting stuck in, you can do this yourself for the cost of the oil itself, but a garage should charge around £50-£70 for an oil change if not.

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