'We're conceding': Former special forces flight surgeon discusses 'treacherous' Afghanistan evacuation

12 service members confirmed killed in Kabul terror attack

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Lt. Col. Omar Hamada, M.D., told Fox News on Thursday that American military forces are “conceding” as evacuation efforts continue in Afghanistan, warning that the Taliban will “own the entire country by Sunday.”

“It’s pretty devastating,” Hamada said during an interview with Fox News regarding the ongoing events in Afghanistan. “All American forces are currently being moved out and Kabul airport is being evacuated as we speak. We’re conceding.”

Hamada, an active emergency medical doctor, also said he believes the United States will be completely evacuated out of Afghanistan prior to the August 31st deadline.

“The Taliban will own the entire country by Sunday,” Hamada predicted. “We are probably going to be out of there before the deadline of the 31st and in doing so, we will be leaving many Americans and allies in country.”

Fox News also asked Hamada about a report circulating that claims officials in President Joe Biden’s administration had provided particular names of Americans in Afghanistan to the Taliban, asking the Taliban to allow them access to the airport.

“What logical government gives their enemy a list of people who are loyal to them?” Hamada asked rhetorically. “I mean, it’s a target list. It’s not in any way I think gonna be used to evacuate Americans. … That’s treachery and treasonous.”

Hamada also slammed the decision to abandon American military vehicles and equipment behind as the evacuation continues.

According to Hamada, “leaving hundreds of vehicles with top-secret, classified technology, including encryption technology” for others to investigate after the fact is “foolish and just as treasonous and treacherous.”

“Who does that?” Hamada said regarding the left-behind “small arms and equipment.”

Hamada also took aim at Biden specifically, saying his “taking orders from the Taliban and complying with them” is “alienating our friends and emboldening every enemy the US has ever had.”

“Congress sits by and does practically nothing except argue over a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill of which probably 10 percent or less is going to infrastructure and the rest of it to special interests,” Hamada told Fox News. “I just don’t understand what’s happening to our country, not just the presidency and not just this administration, but Congress as well.”

“Legislators are sitting by, empowering and enabling it,” he added.

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