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IT'S hard to believe we once sent texts without emojis.

Now we use them in most sentences and now we have new emojis to use in 2023 – here's a list of the latest additions.

What are the new emojis in 2023?

These emojis are from the publicly available list referred to as Emoji 15.0.

Additions include a new pink heart and a shaking face.


This emoji is a representation of the animal standing from the side.

You may use this emoji when speaking about the animal or when using a phrase such as "silly goose".

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You may even use it for the phrase "wild goose chase".

The goose emoji was available on Androids in 2022 and iPhone's in February 2023.


The maracas emoji arrived in 2022.

A maraca is a percussion instrument.

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According to the emojis proposal to Unicode it can "symbolize a celebration or specific cultural holidays," particularly as a reference to Latin American culture.

The emoji is meant to symbolise a feeling of joy and music that's an integral part of the celebration.

The Android and iPhone versions have slightly different appearances.

The Android version has two maracas side by side with motion lines whilst the iPhone has two static maracas.


The ginger emoji can reference the autumn and winter seasons or it could represent the natural spice.

It could also be used to jokingly refer to someone with red hair.

Folding hand fan

This emoji appears as a red coloured fan with several folds.

It points up on Android and towards the left for iPhones.

People could use this emoji when in an argument to reference 'cooling down' or to use it as a sassy statement.

It could also be referred to as admiring or being a fan of something.


This emoji is a pea pod that is split to reveal the peas inside.

This emoji could refer to friendship or the statement 'two peas in a pod'.

The emoji has three peas on Android and five on the iPhone.


This emoji shows the donkey in full profile but has different characteristics on Android and iPhone.

People often use this emoji to insult someone's intelligence or the feeling of being overworked.

Alternatively, you could use it to refer to the Democratic Party in the USA, who use the donkey as their symbol.

Alternatively, you could use it to refer to the animal itself.


This emoji has one of the most straightforward meanings.

It's just a wireless network symbol enclosed in a rounded square shape.

This emoji is used to share Wi-Fi passwords between friends and family over messaging apps including WhatsApp.

You could also use it to indicate you don't have Wi-Fi access.


This emoji is of the animal.

You can use it to refer to the animal itself or reference a place with a cool climate where the animal thrives.

It could also be used to refer to countries such as Sweden and Canada.


The Jellyfish emoji is bright blue and appears similar on Android and iPhone.

You can use this to talk about Jellyfish or use it as a metaphor that compares someone to a jellyfish that stings.

Pushing hands

This emoji appears to show two hands pushing forward.

People use the hand gesture to stop someone or reject something.

The emoji conveys the same gesture.

The hands are available in various skin tones.

Pink heart

The pink heart represents friendship and affection.

The difference between the pink and red hearts is that the pink heart represents unromantic affection.

You can use it to represent warm sentiments toward someone.

Shaking face

The shaking face emoji is slightly different on the two operating systems.

It's a blurred shocked face emoji with motion lines on either side.

This emoji conveys shock, fear, or confusion.

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It could also refer to events such as tsunamis or earthquakes.

It can also refer to someone feeling dizziness, a feeling of discomfort, or someone who is ill.

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