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EVER used WhatsApp and wondered what that mysterious clock symbol means? Ponder no more.

We reveal the meaning behind the clock symbol on one of the world's most popular chat apps.

What does the clock on WhatsApp mean?

Because of its many abilities, WhatsApp features a series of symbols that go alongside its messages in order to explain what is going on in their system.


When the clock icon appears, its a sign that your message isn't sending because your network connection is too slow.

Messages with a clock symbol are currently unsendable, and the option to stop them from sending at all is available.

The clock suggests your personal network connection is down, or WhatsApp itself is down.

When WhatsApp returns to its full network capability, the message will be sent.

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What do the other symbols in WhatsApp mean?

Check Mark

When sending a message on WhatsApp, a single grey check mark will appear on the left side of your message.

This single check mark indicates the message has been sent from your server to the WhatsApp server.

Double Check Mark

When a message goes from the WhatsApp server to the recipient's phone or computer, a grey double check mark appears to the left of the message.

The double check mark indicates the message has been fully sent.

When the double check mark turns blue, this means the recipient has opened the message.


When an arrow appears next to a message on WhatsApp, it means the message has been forwarded.

Forwarding a message on WhatsApp is possible by pressing and holding down on the message, then choosing the "forward" option.

Double Arrow

When a double arrow appears, it means a message has been forwarded more than five times.

This can indicate spam or a chain message, and WhatsApp has now included a feature to let the sender know their message will be marked as being forwarded multiple times.


On the WhatsApp keyboard, there's a button that resembles a Post-It note or peel-off sticker on the bottom right hand side.

If you click on the button, a series of cartoon stickers are available to attach to your message. You're able to download more stickers by clicking the plus sign button on the sticker page.


When you're on the sticker page, the sticker button is replaced by an image of a keyboard.

Clicking this button will bring you back to your phone's keyboard and emoji keyboard.

Plus Sign

To the left of the messaging screen is a blue plus sign.

Clicking this gives users the ability to attach an image, video, document, location, or contact card.

The plus sign gives you the option of taking a photo or browsing your camera roll.

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