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HASHTAGS are often used to reach a target audience and to help users filter information.

Recently the hashtag #humanfeelings has been trending all over social media.

What does the hashtag #humanfeelings mean?

The hashtag #humanfeelings picked up after a quiz called 'what human feeling are you' went viral on platforms like TikTok and Twitter.

Millions of users on social media who have taken the quiz use the hashtag #humanfeelings to post and share their results.

By simply searching for the hashtag #humanfeelings on a platform like Twitter, various posts uploaded by users relating to their personal quiz results will be displayed.

One user uploaded her results via TikTok by captioning it: "i'm just in a very stagnant life point atm but i just don't want to be unloved" while using the tags: #fyp #sheher #whathumanfeelingsareyou #test #onlinequiz

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What is the human feeling quiz on TikTok and how do I take it?

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What is the human feeling quiz on TikTok?

Users are taking the quiz to try and figure out which specific human feeling relates to them.

Quiz questions include: 'choose a drink,' 'choose a random event from life that suits you,' 'what would you like right now' and more.

After answering a total of 10 questions – each with four answers to choose from – users are given results that range from ‘sincere love' to ‘humility' to 'despondency.'

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What is the human feeling quiz on TikTok and how do I take it?

How can I take the human feeling quiz?

The quiz is posted on a site called Uquiz and can be accessed here.

The website is used to create quizzes and share them with others.

However, since the quiz is in Russian, users must translate the page into English using a web browser.

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