Where does Penny Mordaunt live now? Inside the life of the ‘outsider’ tipped to be next PM

Penny Mordaunt quotes Thatcher in Tory leadership speech

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Penny Mordaunt has been branded a ‘dark horse’, tipped as the favourite candidate to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party. While No 10 is well within the grasp of this unexpected Conservative front-runner, what do we know about Miss Mordaunt’s current address? Where does the Minister of State for international trade live? Here’s what we know about her home life and property portfolio.

Who is Penny Mordaunt?

The 49-year-old MP has defied the odds in the race to replace Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative party, having risen the ranks of popularity since the PM’s resignation.

Having served as the MP for Portsmouth North since 2010, and as part of Theresa May’s Cabinet between 2017-2019, the Devonshire-born politician has fulfilled several positions throughout her career.

Ms Mordaunt has earned multiple titles in Parliament, including being the UK’s first female defence secretary before being fired by Mr Johnson after just three months when he assumed office, and as the only female MP in the House of Commons who is a Royal Naval Reservist.

Where does Penny Mordaunt live?

Despite being born in Torquay, Ms Mordaunt has moved around the UK throughout her adult life.

After leaving Catholic school in Waterlooville, Hampshire as a child, she went on to study philosophy at the University of Reading.

Unlike most MPs, Ms Mordaunt lives near her constituency in Portsmouth, on the South Coast of England.

It is understood that she lives alone, though she has previously shared her feline companion ‘Moggs’ on her Instagram page.

Little is known about Ms Mordaunt’s home life, video interviews have shown a glimpse into her address.

On several occasions, the Portsmouth North MP has been spotted outside a modest brick home with white windows and a large front door.

The property is not dissimilar to the Downing Street residence, though it appears much smaller than the PMs London abode.

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While Penny Mordaunt is not currently in a relationship, the Conservative MP has been married in the past.

The Conservative party front-runner married Paul Murray in 1999 when they were mature students at Reading University – though the couple shortly divorced a year later.

Ms Mordaunt was later in a relationship with classical singer Ian Lyon, whom she reportedly split from in 2016.

For now, it seems that Ms Mordaunt is focused on winning her bid to replace Boris Johnson as the British leader.

Where is Penny Mordaunt from?

The ‘dark horse’ PM candidate was born in Torquay, Devon, in 1973 alongside her twin brother.

She has two brothers including her twin James and a younger sibling named Edward.

Penny Mordaunt may have been the first in her immediate family to go to university, but she has political roots on her mother’s side.

Her late mother, Jennifer was related to the politician Philip Snowden, who became the first Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1924.

Ms Mordaunt’s father, John Mordaunt, served in the Parachute Regiment before retiring to become a teacher, and is said to be named after the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Penelope.

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