Wild Florida home goes viral on TikTok for creepy reasons

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A property in Panama City, Florida, that’s listed for $1.65 million has gone viral on TikTok over its baffling nature.

“I’ve been wracking my brain about what this house was used for and I just can’t figure it out,” said app user @oldfarmwitch in a recent upload that’s earned some 774,000 likes and more than 14,200 comments over the past two weeks.

The brief clip shows images from the listing that depict a number of closets with seemingly endless shelves and racks — as well as a spacious kitchen with a carpeted floor, boarded-up doors and windows, and a display of antique furnishings amassed in random corners inside. The overall vibe: pretty spooky.

“I say get out!” said the TikTok user as the video ends.

The offering spans 14,939 square feet. The spread is zoned for mixed-use, according to the listing, and is being marketed as a commercial property — although a home stands on the grounds. There’s a four-car garage with space for 16 vehicles with an unfinished room just above that can be designated for entertaining, among other uses.

Other listing images show a large bathroom, a carpeted living area with a fireplace and a laundry room — meaning that the space is livable, and not as haunted-looking as the TikTok video makes it seem.

Contacted by the Panama City News Herald, Counts Real Estate — which is marketing the property — said the TikTok clip had sparked a lot interest for the listing but added that the family of the estate that’s listing it wouldn’t comment on it, or discuss its history.

However, the agent confirmed that Mary Sue Eubank, who died in 2019, had owned it. She was a local businesswoman with a taste for nice clothes and furniture.

Not everyone on TikTok thought the spread was spooky. After all, storage space is a big perk.

“It’s got that Barbie life in the dream house closet though,” wrote one commenter.

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