Woman, 64, fined £250 over 'pathetic' parking row with neighbour

A WOMAN from Chesterfield has been hit with a £250 fine and a year-long restraining order after seen hitting a post put up by her neighbours.

The 64-year-old's campervan had been protruding into the neighbours parking space, forcing them to take extra measures.

In a report complained by The Derbyshire Times, the case was heard at Chesterfield Magistrates Court and explained the long going dispute between Parker and her neighbour.

The dispute first began when Parker's neighbour, who has not been named, put in a retractable bollard to avoid their space being taken.

A fall out started and the neighbour installed cameras.

The cameras then caught Parker pulling at the post while attempting to unlock it following by kicking at it when failing to do so.

Outside of hitting out on the post, Parker was also caught on camera putting a piece of plasterboard over the neighbour's kitchen window to impair the camera's view.

Parker explained she done this to avoid being filmed while she changed her campervans battery.



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Prosecutor Neill Fawcett said: “On two occasions she is seen to pull the post from side to side and in some way interfere with it – she seems to have had some sort of obsession with the post.”

When Parker first moved in to her house in November 2020, things with her neighbour were good.

Fawcett said: "They would say hello to one another and were relatively friendly.

“But Mrs Parker has a large campervan and it became apparent that it was abutting into the parking space outside (the complainant’s) house.”

The court ruled against Parker with District Jude Andrew Davison telling the court: "It’s really pathetic to have a case like this before a criminal court.”

Speaking to Parker, he said: “You are 64 years old and there were other ways of dealing with this.

“A starting point is to think about your neighbour and whether it’s appropriate to have such a large vehicle there.”

Parker has been given a one-year restraining order and paid a fine of £250.

She was also ordered to pay £150 for the damaged post and £300 in court fees.

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