Woman ‘counting pennies’ shares app that helped her save £500 on food

As food prices have increased by more than 25 percent over the past two years, one woman has found an app that’s saved her almost £500 on food.

‌As the cost-of-living crisis continues to take a toll on household budgets, Kya Buller, 25, explained how frequently she would find herself staring at an empty fridge, wondering how she would sustain herself.

After speaking with friends, she downloaded the ‘Too Good to Go’ app which offers foods from restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, that would otherwise go to waste for marked-down prices.

After years of using the app religiously, the freelance journalist explained in the Metro she’s saved herself almost £500.

She said: “What you get in your bag is a complete lottery – but I have found all of the food I’ve picked up to be great quality, tasty, and obviously, a great deal.

 “I am yet to see a single Magic Bag that costs over £5 – and I have always received a bag worth at least double the value. Usually, it’s triple.

“With the cost-of-living crisis, I still find myself counting pennies and wincing at the rising prices on supermarket shelves and restaurant menus.

“So, I still use Too Good To Go, but even without the economic horrors of life today I believe I’d use it regardless. It’s convenient, easy and cheap – those three things will always be invaluable to me.”

The latest Which? based on the prices of 25,000 products across eight supermarkets, the tracker found that food and drink inflation was running at 15.4 percent in the 12 months to June, down from 16.5 percent in May.

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Sue Davies head of food policy at the Which? Said: “Two years of relentlessly soaring food prices have had a devastating impact on households,”

“This isn’t helped by the confusing and inconsistent pricing practices used by some supermarkets, which make it incredibly difficult to work out how to find the best value products.”

As inflation continues to exceed the Bank of England’s two percent target, households in the UK are constantly looking for ways to save money and cut costs to manage rising bills.

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By using various apps, Britons can make huge savings over the years which could prove vital for those most vulnerable.

Ms Buller said that although it is difficult to determine the exact value of savings, she’s spent hundreds less than she otherwise would have over the past two years.

She confessed that initially, she felt worried about turning up to eateries and telling them she was using the app to pick up food.

But this all changed when she realised that plenty of other people in the queue were doing the same and she now knows “there’s nothing to be ashamed of”.

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