Woman left ‘amazed’ by ‘game-changing’ item that removes yellow pillow stains

Can a dishwasher tablet help remove yellow pillow stains?

Pillows often turn yellow due to sweat because it contains a chemical called urea.

The chemical is a byproduct of sweat that breaks down and turns into ammonia over time. This is what causes yellow stains.

Luckily, a fan of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, has shared how she removed yellow stains from her three pillows.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It Facebook page, Teresa Clarke wrote: “My husband’s head sweat is so bad at night that I’m constantly buying new pillows.

“I’ve tried every pillow protector going and it still wouldn’t stop his pillows from staining.

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“So today, I decided to see if I could clean them while keeping their shape and omg, I’m amazed at the results, they just look like new.”

Position before and after pictures of the pillows, Teresa shared how she was able to lift the stains.

She said: “I soaked them for two hours in my bath with cold water and about a cup full of Ace For Whites. It’s game-changing. 

“I then wrung them out and put them on a spin and rinse cycle in the washer (I can’t get the pillows in the washer when they are dry) and I added a capful of softener just to remove any bleach smell. 

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“I did put them in the dryer for 10 minutes with a tennis ball and then literally hung them out to finish drying. 

“Honestly I can’t believe how much dirt came out of them and how nice and white they now look while still keeping their shape.”

The post received over 160 comments from group members – and many of them were in favour of this solution.

Collette Little said: “I wash my pillows this way when they’re heavily stained. They come out like new.”

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Larded Sophy commented “I love my ace for whites. Couldn’t live without it. Works so well on any white laundry.”

Jackie Boxhall said: “I tell everyone Ace is the best. I’ve found it gets out all laundry stains.”

Becki Lynne wrote: “I am impressed with this. I’ve used Ace For Whites for years. It makes whites dazzle.”

Ace For Whites can be picked up from Asda for £2.30 and at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose for £2.40.

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