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YOU can now identify spiders in your home in seconds thanks to a new iPhone feature.

The latest iOS update lets your iPhone camera reveal exactly what kind of critters are invading your house or apartment.

Apple added a new feature called Visual Look Up last year in iOS 15.

It allowed you to identify objects, places, animals and even plants in photos that you've taken.

Now the feature has been massively upgraded in iOS 16 to identify a much wider array of objects and creatures.

"Visual Look Up adds recognition of birds, insects, spiders and statues in your photos," Apple explains.

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The feature uses machine learning to give you info on what you're looking at.

But to get the latest version, you'll need to upgrade to iOS 16.

To do that, go into Settings > General > Software Update.

Now to use Visual Look Up, you'll first need to take a photo of something that can be identified.

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If you want to test it, try getting a picture of a spider from the internet – or snap one in your house or garden, if you prefer.

Then open the image in your Photos app and look at the bottom.

If it's worked, the small "i" icon should have two small stars at its top-left corner.

That means Visual Look Up is available for the image.

Either swipe up on the photo or tap the icon to engage Visual Look Up.

Now tap the icon at the top of the photo info window to read more about the subject.

If you've snapped a spider, you should see a read-out for the species.

Typically this will refer you to a Wikipedia page to see if you've got a regular house spider – or something more exotic, and perhaps even dangerous.

Of course you shouldn't rely entirely on Visual Look Up.

After all, it's just an educated guess – so there's a chance Visual Look Up may get it wrong.

Your chances are always better if the image is large, clear and bright.

But remember, Visual Look Up works on much more than spiders.

You can use it to identify people, places, animals, flowers and other plants, birds, insects, spiders and statues.

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So trawl through some of your favourite photos and see if Visual Look Up is available.

Maybe you passed an amazing historic statue on holiday or a rare flower without even realising.

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