You're using your iPhone wrong – Ten genius hacks that you probably didn't know about

WE'RE all for making things easier and your phone should be no exception.

Luckily Apple has revealed some iPhone tricks – and given it's come straight from the horse's mouth, we're inclined to believe they must be quite good.

So what do they suggest?

Swipe to erase a digit in calculator

In the calculator app, simply swiping left or right will quickly remove the last number on screen.

This saves you having to delete the whole thing and starting again.

Pin shared content in Messages

It's easy to lose track of useful links people have text you, but with the Messages app you can pin them.

All you have to do is hold down on whatever it is and select Pin.

It'll then appear higher in Messages search and the details view of a conversation.

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Stack widgets on your Home Screen

Save screen space

The Home Screen can easily become cluttered.

Widgets take up a lot of screen space but fortunately you can stack them.

Just hold down on one and drag it onto another widget.

They'll automatically rotate throughout the day.

You can also swipe between widgets whenever you fancy.

Select multiple photos to add to other apps

This time saver requires both fingers.

First, tap and hold a photo until it reacts and drag it away a little.

Keep hold of it, then, using another finger, tap other photos which will be added to a stack.

Still keep hold of it, as you switch to the app you want to add the photos to.

Once you have it, drop them in and it's done.

Save time typing with text replacement

This will help you get a message across faster.

To get it started, go to Settings, tap Keyboard and Text Replacement.

Select the + button at the top right.

Type your desired phrase and a shortcut that'll make the phrase quickly appear.

For example, if you regularly start a message with 'Hey! How are you?', type that in the phrase box, and add 'Hey' as the shortcut.

Next time you type 'Hey' the rest will appear in the predictive text bit of your keyboard.

Open camera from the lock screen

Don't bother unlocking your phone.

Simply swipe left and the camera app will open.

Scan a document

Using the note app you can scan documents.

Just tap the camera icon, followed by Scan Documents.

Position it in the yellow view finder and it'll crop it nicely for you automatically.

Use Live Text with camera

This is a really useful trick to copy text from practically anything you can hold your camera up to.

In the camera app, position the lens above the text you want to copy and a slight yellow box should appear around it.

Tap the scan text icon found to the bottom right.

It'll then let you do what you like with the text that appears.

Jump to your first photo

In the photos app, if you want to see the first photo in an album, library or search results, you can make a quick jump to the beginning of the view with this little trick.

All you have to do is tap the top edge of your iPhone screen.

Search from your Home Screen

Find things even faster from your Home Screen.

Just tab and swipe down, then the search box will appear.

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