Zoflora for cleaning: 6 ways to use Zoflora to clean your home


Zoflora is one of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products, and it’s not hard to see why. Diluted or neat, zoflora can disinfect and deodorise just about anything. Whether you spray it, soak it, wipe it or mop it, Zoflora leaves spaces hygienically clean and beautifully fragrant all day. Express.co.uk chatted to the team at Zoflora to find out what Zoflora can actually be used for (rather than relying on the word of cleaning bloggers on TikTok).

Soak It

Dishcloths and sponges can harbour potentially harmful viruses and bacteria.

Getting into the habit of leaving your dishcloths and sponges to soak in diluted Zoflora at the end of the day will not only leave them hygienically clean and ready to use the next day, but will also fill your kitchen with beautiful fragrance for 24 hours.

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Spray It

Make germ busting part of your daily routine and create a handy, ready to use trigger spray by diluting one capful of Zoflora in 400ml of water.

This mixture is perfect for disinfecting hard surface germ hotspots, such as door handles, light switches, toilet flushes and taps.

The experts said you can also use it on coffee tables, cupboard doors, bedside tables, dressing tables, welcome mats, bedding and desks.

The Zoflora team stresses that you should never spray Zoflora directly onto electrical items.

Wipe It

You can tackle hard surfaces around the home using diluted Zoflora and a microfibre cloth.

From remote controls and game console controllers to shelves, cupboards, worktops and sideboards, Zoflora will kill 99.9 per cent of potentially harmful viruses and bacteria, beautifully.

However, take care to avoid using Zoflora on polished or painted wood.

The experts warned: “Check for colour fastness on an inconspicuous area first if unsure, or contact the surface manufacturer.”

Other things you can wipe down with Zoflora include remote controls, game console controllers, sinks, baths, taps, fridges, bins, baby changing mats, radiators, light switches, mobile phones, keyboards and laptops, patio furniture, children’s outdoor play equipment, cars and caravans.

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Mop It

Ditch the harsh cleaners on your floor and opt for some Zoflora instead.

The Zoflora spokesperson said: “Wipeout visible dirt, plus potentially harmful viruses and bacteria that can enter your home on the feet of people and pets with Zoflora.

“All you need to do is dilute Zoflora in your bucket and use it to mop tiled and lino floors as you normally would.”

Scrub with it

There are plenty of ways to clean your patio, but using Zoflora is a gentle way to get the job done while adding a pleasant scent.

The team at Zoflora said: “Use Zoflora to scrub down patio surfaces, this will not only remove germs and animal dirt, but it will also smell lovely!

“Add four capfuls of Zoflora into a bucket filled with 1.6L of water and pour the solution over your patio. Use a hard bristled yard brush to scrub down.”

Pour It

Pouring Zoflora down the drain isn’t a waste of the product, it’s actually very useful.

The team at Zoflora said: “It can be used neat down toilets and drains to fight nasty odours caused by bacteria.

“You can also add two capfuls of Zoflora to an empty washing machine drum and run a hot cycle to eliminate odours coming from the inside of your washing machine.”

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